Yearend Financial Statements and Corporate Income Tax Return (T2)
Review Engagement
Audit Engagement
Trust Income Tax Return (T3)
US Information Return (1120-F and 8833)
Tax Planning

Additional charges apply for:

  • 'YE bookkeeping cleanup
  • Quarterly/monthly GST
  • T4 preparation and reconciliation
  • CRA post-assessment, review and audit - Audit Shield insurance
Starts at $2,500*/year/company
Starts at $7,000/year/entity
Starts at $10,000/year/company
Starts at $15,000/year/company
Starts at $10,000/year/entity
Starts at $15,000/year/company
Starts at $20,000/year/company
Starts at $800/year/entity
Starts at $1,000/year/company

* Includes Notice to Reader financial statements, corporate tax returns, annual GST return filing and preparation, annual T5-slip filing and preparation, and a meeting with your CPA. Fixed monthly pricing is available.

** For corporate year-end work, our pricing assumes that the company’s bookkeeping is completed and correct before we begin. We may charge additional fees based on incomplete or inaccurate bookkeeping depending on the amount of work that is required to bring the company’s books and records to an acceptable standard to facilitate your tax filings.

Canadian Personal Income Tax Return (T1)
US Personal Income Tax Return (1040 or 1040-NR including State Return)
Combined T1 and 1040
Estate Income Tax Return (T3)
Final T1 and T3
US Streamline (3 years 1040 and 6 years FBAR)

Additional charges apply for:

  • Rental income schedule
  • Business income schedule
  • GST return preparation and filing
  • Complex investments
  • Foreign Income Verification Statement (T1135)
  • CRA post assessment, review, audit (Audit Shield)
Starts at $500/single, $800/couple
Starts at $1,000 including FBAR
Starts at $1,500 including FBAR
Starts at $800
Starts at $1,500
Starts at $3,000