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The complexity of Canadian Income Tax Act means that it makes sense to take a proactive approach to reducing your tax risks. While the Canadian taxation system largely relies on self assessment and voluntary compliance, the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) has increased its audit activity in recent years.

Geib & Company can help you navigate Canadian taxation laws to identify any compliance issues faced by your specific business. We’ll reduce your risk of non-compliance, help prepare your business for a potential CRA audit and, in the event of an audit, liaise on your behalf. Engaging Geib & Company to deal with CRA audit activity can reduce time, stress and costs.

By drawing on the experience of our team, compliance risks can be identified and resolved early. We do this in many ways, which include at your request:

  • identifying and mitigating compliance risks by undertaking a taxation risk assessment
  • ensuring your documentation and record keeping is adequate, particularly in relation to transactions subject to CRA audit scrutiny
  • dealing with the CRA on your behalf during an audit
  • managing the audit process
  • managing disputes such as CRA preassessment reviews, private rulings, and objections
  • advising on alternative courses of action
  • highlighting the likely outcomes and costs involved in the alternatives

Using our Canadian tax system expertise to assist with preparation in this area allows peace of mind, whether or not your business is audited. At Geib & Company we aim to work with you and within your budget to keep you informed at all stages of the process.

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